Independent Study: Week 1

During Summer Quarter 2011 I will be posting a weekly report about the development of my thesis, which I am working on through Independent Study at SCAD. This is the first installment.

This week I directed a high school art & design camp at BJU. Since we spent nearly 10 hours a day with the campers, I didn't have much time to put into thesis development. My goal for this week was to write a draft of the thesis proposal and to begin building a reading list. I was able to do both of these, but feel that I have just barely begun to really consider how I will approach the topic.

I am going to be writing and designing about how to foster a culture of innovation in faith-based organizations. I am going to do an analysis of design thinking and innovation first (looking closely at the ideas of Richard Buchanan, Tony Golsby-Smith, and Marty Neumeier). My reading list so far includes mostly books, essays, and articles relating to design thinking and business. I want to do a lot more research into church marketing and the viewpoint of religious institutions on creativity/innovation in how they function (faith and practice).

More to come next week.