Independent Study: Week 8

I'm still hunting and gathering. I still feel a bit far away from where I think I should be at this point. I researched quite a bit this week and wrote for about two hours yesterday, only to lose all the writing due to a glitch when saving.

In working on defining terms I learned that "faith-based organization" generally means public services, charities or NGO humanitarian groups organized by or associated with major denominations or churches, mostly Christian. Under a broader definition "faith-based organization" can mean a church or school as well, which was my original understanding of the term.

The conversation that exists on this topic is beginning to focus for me. I see approaches to church practice that range from highly innovative (ReChurch, Seeker-Sensitive, Emergent) to not very innovative (Fundamentalist, traditional Brethren, Conservative). This is not an exhaustive continuum, but that's something I may want to develop. I see challenges for both ends of the spectrum.

I am not sure what I am trying to say at this point. I want to examine how Design Thinking can be applied to the church. Problem is, I see that it already has been (if not in those exact terms). Perhaps what I should be doing is analyzing the various ways in which it has been.